Cooperation with Food Law Institute

Hilton Lambert is particularly active in the international aspects of food law in its practice and encourages the development of this field of law in South Africa.

The Institute of Food, Nutrition and Well-being (IFNuW) at the University of Pretoria has recognized that while the role of law in shaping the global food system is well developed in countries such as the United States and in the European Union, food law has yet to be recognised as a distinct legal domain in South Africa, and indeed on the African continent.

Despite this lack of recognition, food law issues have never been more pertinent, with growing concern over food safety and consumer protection driving a number of African countries to implement food law reforms. These developments include a tightening of the regulatory frameworks for food safety and labelling. Together with these developments, the function of food law is expanding to cover a broad spectrum of objectives and interests. The Institute thus convened a seminar to engage a range of stakeholders to explore the major interests at stake and contemporary issues in regulating the agro-food system. The discussion looked to assist in conceptualising food law as informed by African imperatives, will hopefully serve as a platform for the further development of Food Law at the University of Pretoria, under the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Well-being (IFNuW).

Hilton Lambert contributed to the inaugural conference of the Institute and presented a paper that explored the extent to which the WTO can be seen to ‘make law’ for the local food industry. We wish the IFNuW full support in its future activities in this new area of law in the African context.

A copy of the conference document is available here.