Firm Contributes to Leading International Trade Journal

The Journal of World Trade published by Kluwer Law International, is one of only three internationally peer reviewed journals dedicated to the field of international trade law specifically. This journal recently placed an article authored by Hilton Zunckel, dealing with agricultural subsidies.

Hilton has long been involved as a practitioner with an expertise in the WTO subsidies regime, with a particular interest in the reform of agricultural subsidies based on his experiences in the field as a food industry executive during the 1990’s. He has keenly followed the landmark WTO dispute on agricultural subsidies in ‘United States Upland Cotton’. Also, prior to the Hong Kong Ministerial meeting last year he was seconded to provide full time support to the West African cotton producing countries, the so called ‘C4’ in their efforts to address cotton subsidies in the WTO.

The journal article draws on these experiences and seeks to draw out some practical lessons for African countries in defending their rights to trade in international agricultural markets free from the debilitating effect of the adverse effects of subsidized product from developed countries.

Newsletter subscribers in the food and agricultural sector or those with an interest in cotton or subsidies more generally, are welcome to download the article here